Netcetera Android 3DS SDK - Release Notes - Version

Published: 09.10.2020

Version is a minor release of the Netcetera Android 3DS SDK 2.


This version is fully backwards compatible with the previous version of the Netcetera Android 3DS SDK.

New features

  • Pre-configured JCB certificates into the SDK
  • Pre-configured missing scheme logos together with dark mode logos into the SDK
  • Added Huawei AppGallery to the list of trusted stores
  • Added utility API DsRidValues that contains the DS RIDs for the SDK Preconfigured Schemes


  • Improved code protection of the SDK
  • Updated Visa certificates
  • More frequent Security Warnings checks in the SDK
  • Using the locale passed in the initialization of the SDK for the device data part of the authentication request parameters
  • The challenge screen is now drawn behind system window decorators (i.e. the status bar and the navigation bar)
  • Update of the TLS providers when establishing a connection to the ACS
  • More configurable data in the Netcetera Android 3DS SDK Demo Application
  • Clearing of sensitive 3DS SDK data elements
  • Reduced SDK size by removing Android-TiffBitmapFactory. The SDK should only handle images supported natively by Android (EMVCo)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed challenge screen not being full screen on some newer devices
  • Fixed invalid ongoing challenge state
  • Fixed challenge screen content hidden under the status bar in translucent themes

Documentation updates